Kate: This is my undergraduate senior project, an illuminated manuscript of a Carolingian poem called The Song of Roland. It was exhibited at the Friesen Galleries in April 2012, as pictured above. 

This project was a labor of love--several loves, actually--a love of art, a love of history, and a love of books. In early medieval times, books were prized far more than they are today. Indeed, medieval scribes, illuminators, and bookbinders viewed books as having the same importance as the stories they contained: they understood that the presentation of a text spoke as loudly as the text itself. I have therefore endeavored to capture that same devotion and respect for stories and books through the making of this manuscript. I designed every page layout, knot pattern and border design to not only reflect early medieval styles in general, but to embody the story of Roland specifically. 

Oak wood; wood stain, dye, and finish; leather; watercolor paper; watercolor paint; gold and silver leaf; ink; pyrography; beeswax; hemp cord. 2011-2013. 

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